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80 percent of all guests staying at Hellsten Hotel Apartments in and Espoo are travelling in business. They require Internet, outstanding phone facilities, laundry facilities and a possibility to cook their own food. In Hellsten Hotel Apartments you get free internet access. Many times they want a hotel room in the city centre, Hellsten Helsinki Parliament and Hellsten Helsinki Senate offer such central hotel rooms. When staying at Hellsten Hotel Apartments you also get free internet acces and of course the possibility to arrange a conference if you are in the need of one!


Special Corporate rates can be discussed with us. We can offer special corporate agreement if your company is in need of more than 50 hotel room or apartment nights per year. Our corporate agreements are based on your estimation of how many reservations (nights) you will make at our hotels per year. For longstay of course there will be cheap price. It is so important to stay at a hotel which gives you a home service when you are away. Feel free to contact us at any time to find out more.

Hellsten Hotel Apartments
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